**Procedures For Late Models, Street Stocks & Extreme Stocks ONLY**


Rookie drivers must start at rear of heat races for a minimum of 3 races. Drivers will be evaluated after their third race to determine if driver is ready to start by their average. If determined ready they will be allowed to start their next race by their average points, however if said driver is found not ready, they will continue to start in rear until it is determined said driver may be ready.



The first 3 races, heat race lineups will be determined by pill draw. Starting with the 4th race of the season, heat race lineups will be done by each drivers season average points ( Drivers total points divided by their races run ) lowest to highest average. If A driver does not enter at least 1 of the first 3 races of the season, driver will then be considered " new " and must start at the rear of the heat races for 2 weeks to establish a season average.



Consolation races will be lined up heads up from heat races finishes.



The top qualifiers from the heat races will be inverted by season average points, lowest to highest average, into the top 8, 10, or 12 starting spots ( depending on car counts ) in the feature race. Any drivers making the invert that are under penalty either " New " or " Missed Race(s) ", will start behind the other invert drivers not under penalty. Starting with race 4, the feature winner from the prior week will start feature 12th. If a feature winner from a previous week is not in attendance the week following their win, they will still start no better than 12 upon their return. If any penalty drivers make the handicap, the feature winner from the week prior will start ahead of penalty cars, but behind handicap cars.

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