June 19, 2018



YORK HAVEN, Pa.: It’s not that Kenny Edkin is having a bad season in the Super Sportsman class at BAPS Motor Speedway … he just isn’t dominant.


Of course, when you don’t reach Victory Lane, and another driver, Scott Dellinger is winning races in droves, you start looking for answers.


It seems Edkin found them Saturday night. The 27-year-old driver got to the front in a hurry and ran away from the field in the 25-lap Super Sportsman main event for his first win of 2018.


“I like those guys a lot, but he probably felt like I did last year, which is unbeatable,” said Edkin, of Dellinger, who had four wins in six races entering the night. “It’s not like I was sick of seeing him win, I was just frustrated with my own deal.


“They put a lot of work into this track, and it shows. The surface is a lot different, so that is what we are struggling with. It’s awesome on tire wear and very racy, but my driving style has trouble when the track gets dirty.”


Edkin started seventh on the grid and was running second by the time the second lap was scored. One lap later, he shot around second-place starter Tom Wychoff and was poised to run away.


But before Lap 3 was in the books, the caution was displayed. It didn’t matter, as Edkin blew by Wychoff again on the restart and made it stick for the lead.


“We made the pass for the lead on the first restart and then had to make the pass again,” Edkin said. “It’s kind of frustrating to get your nose in clean air and then have the caution come out.


“I knew we had a fast car, so I knew we could get back out front. Last year, I knew on the warm-up lap when I was catching the pace truck, ‘Hey, I have something tonight.’ I haven’t had that feeling all year.


“We’ve been OK in heat races, but we struggled a little in April with a lack of right-rear stick. Last night, we had a lot of drive. We are still searching for more, but we need a little more right-rear stick.”


There was plenty for Edkin over the final 22 laps of the event. He took off and was never challenged, leading by a full straightaway.


Behind Edkin, Chase Gutshall came from fifth to second. Dellinger, who started 10th, settled for third. Russ Mitten came from eighth to fourth, and Frankie Herr completed the top five.


Nate Young was hard charger in the main event, advancing from 21st to 13th. Bruce Buckwalter Jr., Paul Miller, and Wychoff were heat winners for the 25-car field. Chris Meleason won the consolation.


Kyle Martin started 10th and methodically made his way to capture the prestigious Street Stock 40.


There was plenty of movement over the race distance. Brian Walls started on the pole and led the first seven laps before seventh-place starter Jasen Geesaman took over the point ahead of the field.


Geesaman held his advantage Lap 15 before Martin took over. Once out front, Martin was the class of the field and took the win.


Jason Townsend came from 13th to second, with Eric Tripp placing third in the final rundown. Bud Witmer and Kody Sites complete the top five.


Brandon Wanner stormed from 25th to 12th to win hard-charger honors. Jamey Hulse set quick time for the 37-car field with a lap of 21.562. Tripp, Geesaman, Paul Morgan, and Martin were heat winners. Elvin Brennan III won the consolation.


Steve Billet started on the pole and wired the field in a caution-filled 20-lap Late Model feature event.


Nine cautions marred the event, but it didn’t stop Billet. He got the jump on outside pole-sitter Eric Hohol at the start and never looked back.


Brian Shuey came from fifth to second. Ninth-place starter Bobby Beard made it to third, with Hohol, and Charles Potts completing the top five.


Hohol, Billet, and Potts were heat winners for the 26-car field.



Super Sportsman Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Kenny Edkin; 2. Chase Gutshall; 3. Scott Dellinger; 4. Russ Mitten; 5. Frankie Herr; 6. Tom Wyckoff; 7. Timmie Barrick; 8. Mike Enders; 9. Davey Walsh; 10. Garrett Williamson; 11. Matt Ondek; 12. Chris Meleason; 13. Nate Young; 14. Todd Leonard; 15. JR Fogelsonger; 16. Mike Potts; 17. Adam Wray; 18. Lanny Hake; 19. Gregg Foster; 20. Jake Miller; 21. Paul Miller; 22. Luke Deatrick; 23. John Edkin; 24. Bruce Buckwalter Jr.


Street Stock Feature Finish, 40 Laps: 1. Kyle Martin; 2. Jason Townsend; 3. Eric Tripp; 4. Bud Witmer; 5. Kody Sites; 6. Jim Palm; 7. Will Walls; 8. Jason Geesaman; 9. Kory Sites; 10. Kevin Sigler; 11. Chris Derr; 12. Brandon Wanner; 13. Paul Morgan; 14. Craig Morgan; 15. Brad Bingaman; 16. Bob Scott Jr.; 17. Ryan Smith; 18. Matt Adams; 19. Brian Walls; 20. Marshall McMullen; 21. Wayne Dutterer; 22. Elvin Brennan III; 23. Jamey Hulse; 24. Joey Hoffer; 25. Gary Calimer Jr.


Late Model Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Steve Billet; 2. Brian Shuey; 3. Bobby Beard; 4. Eric Hohol; 5. Charles Potts; 6. Sean Merkel; 7. Travis Mease; 8. Ben Whitaker; 9. Alan Sagi; 10. Cameron Benyou; 11. Shaun Miller; 12. Matt Murphy; 13. Paul Cursey; 14. Chad Myers; 15. Dave Latsha; 16. Troy Miller; 17. Chad Earnst; 18. Kyle Moser; 19. Chuck Cox; 20. Bernie Beard; 21. Dan Hoffman; 22. Jed Latshaw; 23. Jennifer Hartz; 24. Terry Gingerich; 25. Ross Leinbach.

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