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5 Features 5 Different Winners & 5 More This Weekend

The Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Cars started out Tuesday August 20th at New Egypt Speedway in New Jersey where JJ Grasso picked up his first series win of 2013. Friday at Williams Grove Speedway Lucas Wolfe also made his first trip of the year to victory lane. Saturday night Fred Rahmer added to his win total at Lincoln Speedway and Chad Layton did the same at Port Royal Speedway. Sunday at Susquehanna Speedway Park Don Kreitz Jr was back in victory lane for the 2nd time this year.

The Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Cars once again have four nights of racing action this week. It starts off Friday August 30th at Williams Grove Speedway with the Jack Gunn Memorial. Lincoln and Port Royal Speedway's both have shows on Saturday August 31st. Williams Grove is back in action on Sunday September 1st and the weekend ends with the traditional Labor Day afternoon race at Port Royal Speedway on Monday September 2nd.
Fred Rahmer holds the lead in the points with Greg Hodnett in 2nd and Brent Marks in 3rd.

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series standings after 8/25/13

Listing; Position, Car Number, Driver, Point Total, Series Wins

  1. 20s Fred Rahmer 1345 5
  2. 39 Greg Hodnett 1036 7
  3. 19m Brent Marks 982 5
  4. 27 Lance Dewease 879
  5. 87 Alan Krimes 872 5
  6. 48 Danny Dietrich 759 6
  7. 21 Brian Montieth 731 5
  8. 7/5L Chad Layton 632 5
  9. 12 Blane Heimbach 610 4
  10. 1s Logan Schuchart 587 3
  11. 2/59 Jim Siegel 459 2
  12. 11c Cory Haas 457 1
  13. 55 Mike Wagner 385 2
  14. 69K Donnie Kreitz Jr 370 2
  15. 15 Adam Wilt 370 1
  16. 98 Doug Esh 350 2
  17. 0 Rick Lafferty 327 2
  18. 19 Stevie Smith 324 1
  19. 5 Dylan Cisney 291 1
  20. 8 Billy Dietrich 235 1
  21. 1 Danny Lasoski 213 1
  22. 11 Mike Erdley 210
  23. 69/92 Ryan Smith 206
  24. 3 Pat Cannon 197 1
  25. 25 J J Grasso 184 1

Coming Up:
Williams Grove Speedway 8/30
Port Royal Speedway 8/31
Lincoln Speedway 8/31
Williams Grove Speedway 9/1
Port Royal Speedway 9/2

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