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Bricker's Bash World of Outlaws

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Brady Bacon – Stormy Trip East!


Brady Bacon

Brady Bacon – Stormy Trip East!

Brady Bacon – Stormy Trip East!

(Bill W) June 8, 2015 – Having two of the five events canceled during the USAC “Eastern Storm” last week was disappointing. After a strong showing that included a win at Port Royal in 2014, the three events that did get in also were a little stormy for Brady Bacon and the Hoffman Racing #69 team. This week finds the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma driver aboard the Josh Ford Racing #73 during Indiana Midget Week.

After events were a wash at Grandview Speedway and Lincoln Speedway in Pennsylvania, the series moved to New Egypt Speedway in New Jersey on Thurssday. Brady timed in eighth quick. “Qualifying was probably the biggest shock of the week, because we’re usually really good at that,” he says. “At New Egypt, we didn’t qualify well.”

He would go from fifth to second in the heat and line up eighth in the feature. “We were pretty good in the heat,” says Brady. “The track got really dirty in the feature, and we just couldn’t get going. I think Robert (Ballou) was only one that passed anybody. We had to stay in line. I tried to move out a couple of times, but it was just powder (he would finish ninth).”

Brady was 13th quick at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday, putting him behind the 8-ball again. “At Port Royal, we had some sort of problem,” he says. “After qualifying, we changed all four bars and all four shocks. The problems went away for the most part. Hopefully, we can figure out exactly what the problem was.”

He would win his heat from outside row one, and the car was solid the rest of the night. “We were good in the heat,” says Brady. “We started thirteenth in the feature on a fast track. It’s pretty hard to gain much there, but we moved up to seventh. It’s disappointing to be fast and not be able to get to the front.”

The “Eastern Storm” ended Sunday night at Susquehanna Speedway in Newberrytown, Pennsylvania. “We’ve always struggled at Susquehanna for some reason,” says Brady. “We didn’t qualify well (13th). With the lighting there, and the dust, it was tough in the feature. It’s hard to run the top or try anything different when you can’t see (he would checker 12th).”

Brady knows there is a long season ahead, but the defending USAC sprint car champion had high hopes for last week. “We had a hard time getting things going,” he says. “It was disappointing having some lackluster performances. Hopefully, we can rally back and have a good (Indiana) Sprintweek. Last year, we had a good ‘Eastern Storm’ and a bad Sprintweek. Hopefully, we can flip-flop that this year.”

Indiana Midget Week starts Wednesday night at I-69 Speedway in Gas City, before moving to Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville Thursday, Bloomington Speedway Friday, Lawrenceburg Speedway Saturday and Kokomo Speedway Sunday.

Follow Brady on his Website, Twitter and Facebook!

Follow Brady at his website located at! Also keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter (which also can be accessed at the website) at the following links…

Twitter Link –
Facebook Link -

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Brady Bacon Racing would like the following sponsors for all their help: Print Place, Fatheadz Eyewear, Triple X Race Co., Tel-Star Technologies, PPM Titanium Products, KTA Kiser’s Truck and Auto (formerly Sham’s Garage), Heath Clips Lawn Care, Chubby from CnB Mushroom Farms, Lucas Oil Products, Lightning Wings, CP Carillo, Keizer Wheels, Smiley’s Racing Products, Eaton Industrial Coatings, Sweet Mfg., Butlerbuilt Seats, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, Proglide Coatings, Diversified Machine Inc., Fuel Safe, Allstar Performance, Simpson, Octane Ink, Schroth Racing, Wilwood, King Racing Products and Schoenfeld Headers.

The Hoffman #69 sprinter is sponsored by Mean Green, Mopar, Triple X Race Components, Hoosier, DMI, Lykins, Engler Machine & Tool, Goodridge Fluid Transfer Systems, KSE, MPD Racing, CSI Shocks, XYZ Machining, Saldana Racing Products, Fuel Safe Racing Cells, Fastener Specialty Motorsports, Wilwood Brakes, Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil, Zemco Headers, Chalk Racing Products and Weld.

Photo: Brady races at Susquehanna (Kris Keath Photo)

Bill W Media
Monroe, IA USA
Twitter: @BillWMedia

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